Friday, September 28, 2012

Our Little School at Home: HOD Rev to Rev Unit 8

This unit we continued reading John Paul Jones: The Pirate Patriot. We both are really enjoying the glimpse into this man's life. At one point, Joshua said, "Aw Mom, are those tears - do you really need to cry?" I was just so moved reading about the founding of our country, the sacrifices and hard decisions made.

One day, following his history reading from George Washington's World, Joshua came running to me, put his arm around my shoulder and said, "Hey, Mom, did you know that Daniel Boone was a real guy? He lived at the same time as this other guy...ummm...Fray..." Then, he continued to give his oral narration with great enthusiasm. :) What a crack up! He quietly admitted that he is enjoying the history spine this year.

Continuing his state study, Joshua learned about New York and North Carolina. For some reason, this is one of his favorite activities - along with Hebrews study for Bible Quiet Time. Watching him grow through both of these resources is such a blessing.

Joshua completed the history project without complaint. It is a painting that looks like stained glass with a church steeple in the middle and is by far the best he has ever made. SO much growth since we did watercolors alongside poetry in Creation to Christ. I am thinking about framing it with Scripture to hang on the wall.

Probably most exciting in Joshua's week was an invitation he received to be in a play. He loves performing and has been in several productions. He is so thankful for the opportunity - even though it will be a lot of hard work.

Although interrupted by my dad's lung biopsy (still waiting on the results - prayers always welcome) and his other health issues, school was doable. I even got to spend time with little Jacob painting, working on The Reading Lesson and some other little workbooks I picked up.

Praising and thanking the Lord for His leading us through another week!

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