Monday, October 29, 2012

Our Little School At Home: Rev to Rev Units 10-12

It has been a crazy couple of weeks! Both the boys have been sick on and off, I went out of town for an annual event and work took me out of the house a few days. Needless to say, I am behind in posting and the boys are slightly behind schedule with school. Gotta love homeschooling!

Joshua continues to love his curriculum. We finished reading The Reb and the Redcoats a bit ahead of schedule because it was the one thing we could accomplish while ill. We both were delighted with the story and enjoyed getting to know the characters. So blessed by all the great books we get to read!

Joshua made hasty pudding one day - I have no idea which of the three units it was in. No one in the family liked it. Even so, Joshua had a lot of fun preparing it. We so appreciate that cooking skills are occasionally included as a History Project.

We both are thrilled with the Worldview study. The discussion time is so great! In the last unit we looked up verses and matched them with the characteristic of God that they confirmed. Joshua LOVED it. He told me that he so enjoys God's Word. I see him growing in the Lord leaps and bounds this year. Praising God for His work in each of our lives!

Today, while checking Day 3 of unit 12, I realized that Joshua and I had never completed his writing. We will have to complete that tomorrow. When we get out of our groove for more than a day we seem to lose our momentum!

He also has missed his music appreciation lessons - at least part of them. Somehow Joshua misplaced the disc he needs to complete the projects. I did find it, but I was not a happy camper! He will be making up the work the week of Thanksgiving - it was scheduled time off.

Joshua is continuing to memorize the book of Matthew for Bible quizzing...but again, he is behind due to illness. Hopefully, he will be able to catch up in the next week since the next quiz is just over a week away.

He also is practicing with a neighborhood church for their Christmas cantata that he was invited to be part of. Poor guy, he is one of the few teen boys that is participating..and since it isn't our home church, he doesn't really know anyone.
But, he is a trouper and doesn't complain!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Our Little School At Home: Unit 9

Jacob sat in Daddy's lap today and read a book to him. Daddy was SUPER impressed that his little four year old could read it all by himself! He has been working on it all week because he wanted to be able to do it "right" for Daddy. Loved it! The only mistake I made was not capturing it on video.

Although we haven't been able to purchase his curriculum yet, he is still enjoying The Reading Lesson and other little workbooks. Last week, we read a book from the library called Pop and Toot. This week, he has been writing Pop Toot on the whiteboard. It is kinda funny how he writes Pop. His second P is typically backwards. So cute!

Well, we made it! Unit 9 is complete of Rev to Rev. Joshua is celebrating his success - and we are, too! For the most part, this year is the smoothest we have EVER had in eight years of homeschooling. He is taking ownership of his education...but more importantly, I see him growing leaps and bounds spiritually. It is so fun to hear him connect his Scripture memory to some lesson he is learning in another subject. LOVE IT!!

We finished reading John Paul Jones: The Pirate Patriot. His life was so sad, in the end. Joshua pointed out how Jones' story demonstrates that not even fame or being a hero lasts.

I love the World View study. Joshua surprises me sometimes with his depth of insight. So thankful that HOD introduced me to the Who is God resource and I look forward to it!

We decided at the beginning of the year that if Joshua finished nine units without skipping things, then we would take him out to eat at his favorite restaurant. We rarely eat our. So, he is SUPER excited that he has earned his reward.