Saturday, March 28, 2015

Whispers from God

There are whispers of God's grace and mercy all around the warmth of the sun on my face, the whistle of the wind through the budding trees, the song of the goldfinch perched on the feeder, the squirrels playing in the big oak tree. They are there every day, these graces and gifts - in the gentle kiss of the six year old on my cheek "just because" or in the teen choosing to sit next to me and chat after school. Two boys that came from my broken womb...two boys that are gifts from the Giver Himself. And there are days that the gifts are overlooked, missed...but they are still there...still everywhere about me. There are the hard gifts...the ones that don't seem like gifts, but hard places. The loss of a job, the sickness of a child, the migraine that wears on for days. These gifts drive me to my knees, cause my eyes to clear of the distractions of this life and to recognize afresh the deep need I have for my every circumstance.

As of late...I have been struggling. The migraine wears on claiming more of me than I want to give as days turn to weeks and the weeks turn to months. But then, God whispers through the voice of a sweet couple at church. He whispers that He sees our struggle, He knows our tiredness in battle and He cares about even the small things. And so, His whisper comes through new furniture. As I sit this afternoon, head throbbing, stomach churning, I see this gift from Him anew...and I give thanks to Him for His kindness, mercy and love...and I give thanks to Him for His children who listen to His voice. And I thank those children who listen to His voice...the ones who say, "Here I am, Lord, send me." And I pray that I am one who listens to His voice...that I am one who says, "Here I am, Lord, send me" in response.

And I am humbled by God's that saw the holes in upholstery and broken down furniture and provided something far above anything I could ask or imagine. Beautiful furniture that matches the paint on the walls and the draperies that I made several years ago. Comfortable furniture that welcomes us in. Only God could give me something so lovely through the people who listen to His voice.

And to this sweet couple who blessed us: Thank you! Thank you for this lovely gift. Every morning when I arise and snuggle in to this comfortable chair, cup of coffee in hand, I lift you and your family up in prayer. I pray to the God who sees that He will prove faithful, that He will see you in the midst of any struggles and He will speak peace to your hearts...that He who promises to bind up the brokenhearted will bind up any brokenness in your hearts...that He who promises to heal wounds will speak healing in any wounds in your hearts...and may His mercy, grace and love shine brightly through every struggle. May His joy fill your hearts and His wisdom guide your actions. Know that I give thanks and pray for you daily!