Monday, March 26, 2012

Anger weary hearts
fall cold,
While bodies wrinkle
But still a glimmer,
still a glance
Slim shadow of
Love’s last dance.

Written in response to photo prompt @


She looked at him with hollow eyes.
His love seared painful -
"Could her mind not recognize?"
Bodies failed - he knew they would,
her lovely frame had faded,
even still swan-graceful young to him.
Whispered promises were useless
She could never recall
the vows she had spoken
somewhere in yesteryear.
His mind could clearly see her
dancing on their wedding day
Giggling warm entwined bodies, arms...
His joy-filled memories
of maiden turned to wife
grant strength from day to day
to care for this love who does not recognize...
Hoping, praying to one day again, reclaim
a shadow of their song.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

What is to be Thankful for?

Counting, counting...every good and perfect gift, from the Father's hand. There are so many, they add up so quickly...I this how Abraham felt when the Lord told him to count the stars, if he could...count the grains of sand on the seashore? My gifts are like that, innumerable!! But here goes...

.Sweet worship in His presence today.
.Family worship, listening to my sweet husband lead the family in reading Proverbs.
.Gas in the car.
.Twelve year old's repentant heart.
.Clean dishes, stacked neat in the drainer, ready for tomorrow.
.Sick baby, crying for Mama - something I can give.
.Rented movie night, all watched together.
.Twelve year old applying his lesson on pain from Boyhood and Beyond when he was injured tonight.
.Tired man, sleeping soundly...gaining rest for his day of work.
.Sun shining on our watching fishermen at the River.
.Dinner out tonight, rare treat! And, my meal fit into this new diet!
.Three pounds lost, freedom from cravings found.
.Week one of no carbs behind me!! Only seven more & the rest of my life to go!!
.Poem written for a prompt, first time ever posted & kindly received.
.Heart bursting open wide with love for the little ones in the nursery today.
.Sharing laughter with friends and new moms while working in the nursery.
.Clearly hearing the Voice of the One who Made me, calling me to do something new.
.Heart wide open to respond, "Yes, Lord...only by Your power."
.God-given hope growing anew in my heart.
.Grace when I goofed in Sunday school.
.Sloppy kisses on my lips, sticky fingers entwining my hair.
.Medicine that makes my body do what it fails to do on its own.
.Music, reminding me that to wake and breath is a reason to give thanks.
.Littlest one sick, makeshift bed on living room floor. Couch for mama to sleep on.
.Backache gone -answered prayer.
.Family leader making a tough decision that made waves everywhere, but we think not here.

Oh, Lord, open my eyes, that I may see Your gifts, more numerous today than I can even record. Show me how to see You in all things!

Broken dreams

Fractured heart,
broken womb.
Clinging, crying,
to understand
that even this
is good
from Your hand.