Thursday, September 20, 2012

Migraine Madness

Monday found me on the couch. The nausea came with the worst headache of my life at about 2 a.m. I tossed and turned, trying to rid myself of the pain. No relief came while sleep eluded me. The incredible man I married lovingly left the comfort of our bed, retrieved my meds and a glass of water before slipping silently back into bed. It took almost an hour before the meds made any kind of dent in the headache.

When sleep finally came, it was deep and brought much needed relief from the pain. I slept fitfully for maybe four hours before the phone woke me. The ringing phone echoed in my aching head. Again, the fury pounded. The kids began fighting, their words erupting in my head. UGH. They needed me. I couldn't baby this headache any longer. I climbed out of bed and moved to the sofa. Older boy fetched me something to drink and fixed everyone's breakfast & lunch. I ignored the pounding in my head the best that I could for the rest of the day....

I was sure this headache would drag me to the hospital. This one stole my words and jumbled my thoughts. It flipped me mercilessly from one end of the bed to the other and robbed me of sleep. Beating my head with its fury, the migraine has worn on into one day and then another and another.

And here I am, four days later...headache still pounding. I haven't been myself.

Oh, God, thank You for Your love and mercy. Thank You for Your provision and Your help in my time of need. I am asking You and counting on You to bring relief in Your good time, to give me the grace I need to complete Your will for this day, to enable and strengthen your humble servant as this war wages in my head. Please, God, give me what I need for this moment. Amen

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