Monday, September 24, 2012

Just Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is easiest to give when you are in the midst of easy things, things that take your breath away for all the right reasons. So much harder to give is the sacrifice of praise in the midst of the trial, in the midst of anguish. Yet the same God who created it all, who opens the door of it all in my life. Today, I am practicing the hard thanks-giving...the one that breaks my heart and causes me to lean harder on Him.

Thank You Father!

*little one's game of pretend this morning.
*Dad's doctor appointment today -thank You that in the midst of fear, Your love is stronger.
*The masses on Dad's lungs were discovered by the doctor, already known by You.
*For my Dad's faith. (Strengthen him, Lord.)
*For my Dad's time with Joshua woodworking in his shop.
*For the carving and woodworking skills Joshua is learning with my Dad.
*For the path of loss we walked ten years ago, as we said good-bye to Howard, a good father-in-law and father, a missed grandpa, a faithful husband and friend to many. *Thank You that only You truly know the destiny of a man's soul.
*For the husband who got up early and went to work.
*For the job he has to go to...for Your sufficient provision, even in the midst of lack of work.
*For the migraine that has slowed me down, and the relief You have brought - enough, thank You Lord, to accomplish Your purposes each day.
*For the wee one's temper tantrum today & the lessons he learns.
*For Your grace, running through my veins, that enables me to say, "Thank You for the trial, for the pain."
*For the crisp of the autumn air as we kissed Daddy good-bye before he headed out to work.
*For the burning red tips of leaves on the maple tree, just a tease of the beauty yet to come.
*For the lessons of Job spoken at church yesterday.
*For loneliness that creeps in and drives me closer to You.
*For the acceptance of that I have found at the foot of the cross.
*For the babies who never breathed this side of Heaven, but who are always remembered. My arms ache to hold what my heart has loved.
*For the flowers I got to share with Carol and Courtney - digging them up in the yard.
*For the skill and the time to hem my Dad's pants.
*For You, bringing life to my heart...for my heart, being birthed in You.
*For the cat greeting me with a foot rub this morning.
*For the boy-man who still sleeps.
*For the Delight Yourself in the Lord event last night, the speaker who touched my son's heart and confirmed all that we have been teaching him...thank You Lord for instilling it in His heart in ways we could only pray for! You never cease to amaze me!

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