Sunday, September 9, 2012

Our Little School at Home: HOD Rev to Rev Unit 5

This week ended pretty uneventfully. Joshua is still enjoying the curriculum and completing it with diligence and integrity. The history project was the only thing he neglected to complete - it was a mapping activity. I did intentionally have him skip one day of dictation and grammar. Again, my favorite thing in our day is the Biblical Worldview study. The discussions are so in depth and it is exciting to see Joshua growing so much spiritually.

One of Joshua's favorite activities continues to be the Inventor study. I have to admit that we are not doing all the activities as listed, but even so, he is learning so much. He frequently runs to me and narrates what he read in Michael Faraday, even if it is not scheduled. Too funny.

Saturday, Joshua spent the day working in his Papa's shop. He was complaining about the menial tasks he was given instead of being permitted to use the woodworking tools. I smiled and reminded him of books we have read about apprentices and how they trained. He sort of sighed and replied, "I know, Mom, Papa is just training me like he would an apprentice. I just wonder, when will I be allowed to use the machines and do something more than sweep the shop, copy the pattern to the wood or clean the tools. It gets kinda boring just watching him all the time." And, he is learning how to operate and care for the woodworking tools.

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