Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bowed before His Throne

I sit and I watch....these two amazing ones who somehow came from my womb. Tiny bits of breath, once lay gently in my arms, grown into running, jumping, learning boys - the first now reaching to be a man. Time sprouted wings and flew from us; thirteen years have passed. Now the one who fought and cried, struggling to learn he was not the center has become a strapping boy-man who gives to everyone he can. His greatest gift, I'm glad he grasped this young, is the one of time. Mowing Grandma and Papa's or trimming at Great Grandma's, helping Grandma complete some gardening or Papa in the shop, using skilled hands to form balloon animals for an outreach, volunteering at VBS...a summer well spent, a life well-lived. He did not get a vacation or go to summer camp. He asked for little entertainment and gave of himself rather than took. I am humbled to be his mama and awed at what God does with a boy-man bowed before His Throne.

And, here I am again...repeating the same lessons with the littlest one, now four. He holds his head back and cries whenever he hears the answer "No." When will his tender heart understand to be loved is to give love, to find grace is to give grace and that this life he lives is given to give away? How will his life look when he becomes a man bowed before the Throne? There are lessons no man can teach, but must be heard from the Spirit in the soul. I am praying he hears and heeds these lessons, growing into a godly man.

Oh, that my heart would be bowed before His throne...that this Mama will continue to lay these two growing children constantly in the arms of the One who holds them faithfully. Trusting, thankful for the One who breathes life into my very bones.

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