Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Because it is never too early...

to give thanks!

It was far too early to crawl out of bed when the thought hit me that I still had a cake pan that belonged to Mama. In fear that I would forget to return it, I stumbled out of bed around 3 a.m., pulled it from my cupboard and added it to the "Return" pile. Now sitting on the bottom of several other dishes that belong to her, it was quickly emptied by my guys of its brownies.

And, so that is how I come in the wee hours to give thanks to the One who is the Giver of all good things, whose grace is poured out on me every moment I am permitted breath.

Praise and thanks to God for:

the pan of brownies Mama brought to the kids.

the sleep my youngest is finally getting. It is 5 a.m. and he still sleeps after a chain of sleepless nights.

the warm sunshine and cool breeze yesterday as we worked and played in the yard.

the gardening, almost finished now, only to be weeded again.

the sunshine yellow flowers that are blooming in the flower beds around the house.

the strength and health to throw the frisbee & football with the kids.

the rocket, stuck in the tree after only 10 minutes. It was fun while it lasted!:)

this house that You gave us so long ago, Your provision through the many storms You knew we would have to face.

Todd's job - even though only part-time is your sufficient provision for our family.

Your wisdom, poured out on us. Oh, Father, we need that wisdom now as we try to follow your voice - show us what way is right to go and we will go.

the warm bed that is calling me back.

the husband who will reach out his arms and embrace me when I crawl back in bed.

Mama, who is caring for the kids today so that I can take a day trip with my love.

the One who cares for my kids and our family in ways that I can only begin to imagine.

the broken womb that made me choose whom I would serve, even in the midst of deep sorrow...thankful that even when I could hold on no longer, His hand firmly held me.

the cat, sitting elegantly on the floor, paws tucked under him.

the chair and ottoman that nestle me in my sleepless hours.

Dr. Sue and the excellent medical care our children receive.

the medication for my migraines that enables me to sleep through the night & function through the day.

the oldest boy growing in wisdom and love, as he matures into a man.

Todd's sister and her children coming to visit from Florida.

peaceful school day yesterday.

repentant heart of Joshua after he disobeyed.

for pouring love and patience out on this Mama when she desperately needed it in the midst of her child's rebellion yesterday.

Your Word is true and You are trustworthy.

the privilege and the joy of homeschooling.

guitar lessons for Josh.

God's amazing grace and provisions never cease to amaze me!

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