Thursday, January 24, 2013

Throwing Out School Thursday

What a fun day we had school, but fun just the same. (Snow day without the snow - the principal made the glad that is me!) I introduced Joshua to my favorite Christian bands from my late teens. We had a good laugh at how I have limited what he listens to, but I ROCKED with bands like White Cross and Petra, Carman and White Heart.

While listening to that old music, he did the out his tennis racket, strummed it like a guitar and stood on the dining table. Ummm, yeah, that was his mother egging him on with "if you really want to be like Aunt Lisa, you will jump!" Quickly followed by, "Wait, you probably better not...knowing you, you'll break something." I almost didn't get that last line out - I was choking badly on my own laughter.

So, we pranced around the room to This Means War; He Came, He Saw, He Conquered; The Champion and other such tunes. Joshua kept laughing at me as I jammed like I was nineteen again - I must say, I ROCK on the air guitar - such talent! At least the kid will have some memories of me being a little crazy.

We also talked about what a rebel I was - rebelling against mainstream Christianity, not against God. God, well He deserved all of me then, just like He does now. We talked about how, growing up in a family apart from Christ, I did not understand my need for a Savior until I went away to college...and then, after God called my heart home, someone told me that it was my choice of music (Petra, White Cross, Carman, etc.) that was leading me straight to hell - no matter what I believed. I am just as sure today as I was back then that the man was wrong. Just to rebel in disagreement, I would play "God Gave Rock and Roll to You" by Petra as loudly as I could. We had a really great discussion about music, as God's gift....but that not all music glorifies God. Probably the best discussion we've ever had on the topic.

At any rate, eventually Jacob joined us with his little guitar. He jumped out of the hallway and screeched, "God gave rock and roll to you..." in an Elvis like pose. Joshua and I could not contain our laughter. I mean...that little guy was so serious and so LOUD. Apparently, he caught the rock bug, too. At least he stayed off the table.

So, we threw out school this Thursday. We cleaned house - I know, I doesn't sound like it, but at least one room is clean. And our hearts are full of joy in Jesus! :)

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