Sunday, January 20, 2013

Our Little School at Home

Last week we completed HOD Rev to Rev Unit 19. Probably Joshua's favorite parts of school continue to be Biblical Worldview and Inventor Study. Maybe it is that scientific and creative bend in him that is always thrilled to read about the inventors! For biblical worldview this week, we had such great discussion about harmony and disharmony. He made a comment that startled me with its depth.

The written narration, although he has grown tremendously, continues to be a struggle for him. His least favorite day is Day 1 of each unit...that unfortunate day when the narration is scheduled. I think his dislike of it is mostly because he is such a perfectionist. He can't stand eraser marks or crossed out ink on it, so he doesn't like to make mistakes. I know that others don't agree with this, but I let him write it on notebook paper instead of the notebooking pages. The notebooking pages are so beautiful and well done. I confess that I had to let go of my disappointment with his pages not being complete with the narration written directly on them. In the end, though, I had to do what was best for him (and the peace of our days). :) Overall, he has made so much progress and is writing such wonderful narrations, that I am quite satisfied. The struggle is really the writing process more than the actual outcome.

We continue to be happy with Rod a& Staff Grammar. Joshua is using level 7. It is so thorough. He will be well-prepared for high school! We do 2-3 lessons a week and intend to continue with this level next year. Probably one of the things we enjoy the most is the sentence diagramming. I used to dread it, but we began to see it as building blocks of language (such a boy thing). Joshua has always liked to see how things are made, tearing them apart and putting them back together. Diagramming sentences is so much like that.

He learned about Francis Scott Key and the writing of The Star Spangled Banner this week. He jumped on-line to listen to it. Then he gave an excellent oral narration.

Little Hearts for His Glory

Jacob and I completed four days of LHFHG. I so appreciate how many hands-on activities are scheduled to make our learning fun, as well as the Christ-centered focus. For math, we taped numbers 6-10 on the floor using green painter's tape. Jacob followed each of them, like a path. Then, he put the correct number of counters on each number. We kept the numbers on the floor all week...I hesitated to do it because I was afraid it would leave a sticky residue. Thankfully, it did not.

For science we made stars on the ceiling with a flashlight. Then we made them closer and farther away by moving the flashlight.

Our greatest struggle of the week was reading. We repeated the same lesson all week and Jacob still showed no progress. If anything, it seemed that he is slipping backwards. I am really not sure what more to do...take a break? ...just keep repeating the same lesson? ...move on? UGH...these are the uncertainties of a homeschooling mama!

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