Sunday, September 5, 2010

School News

Well, our first and second week of school are behind us. I, as always, am exhausted. Joshua is THRILLED with CHOICE...our Friday co-op. He gets to take Logos: A Study of Latin Roots, Spanish, a writing class (IEW), leadership, music and choir. He is such a "social butterfly" that he thrives there. I have the privilege of returning to my roots and teaching Spanish. I have been out of the classroom since Joshua was born, but it is always good to use God's gifts for His glory.

Our weeks have been filled with Heart of Dakota's Hearts for Him Through Time: Creation to Christ - I am just using bits and pieces until God provides the funds to purchase all of it. Actually, He has provided the funds through a scholarship (Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund), we just don't have the money to pay up front yet - they reimburse. We will...God will provide it. Anway, We LOVE HOD. It is exactly what I have been looking for in a curriculum. The focus from the beginning of our day to the end is God. We get to read great books and discuss them in comparison and contrast to God's Word. We are studying history and science from a biblical perspective. Oh, I am so excited to find a curriculum that so wonderfully fits our family!

I am eventually going to begin the preschool program, Little Hands to Heaven, with Jacob. He is only 2, but he likes to sit in on our painting projects and our read alouds...well, sometimes. He also likes to be read to. Last week he began recognizing some letters and actually said "Squirrel" and "Spider"...YIPPEE!! For those of you who don't know, he is a late bloomer when it comes to speech. He has not been talking, but he understands everything perfectly. Oh, and he went to co-op with us on Friday. He had quite the exciting day and even attended one class. I think it was the Playdoh class (ahmm - can you actually call that a class??). Unnaturally, when I went to get him he threw a fit and cried - it is usually when I leave him he cries. Obviously, he really enjoyed it and did not want to leave. At two, Jake really likes to be with other kiddos. It is so fun to watch him blossom!!

Looking forward to another great week focusing on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! And, prayerfully, ordering the rest of my books.

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