Friday, August 20, 2010

Unexpected Gifts

Friday, August 6th, God gave Joshua an unexpected gift. Ever since our cat Smokey died last October, Josh has wanted another cat. We have visited the local animal shelter, prayed and come to the conclusion that we could not afford a cat - the $100 fee was just too much right now. We already have a 4 year old black lab/golden retriever who doesn't see the vet often enough. So, on Thursday, the dog decided she wanted to see the vet...she tangled with a squirrel...pretty funny that a HORSE of a dog would need to see the vet after fighting with a squirrel...but...she is not a hunter. After the vet checked her out the next day, he walked us out to the reception area. As I was paying the bill, the vet casually asked, "So, would you like to buy a cat?"

Josh excitedly said, "How much?"

The vet smilingly answered, "A good home, lots of hugs, some food and fresh litter."

And, thus, Boots joined our family. He is what we recognize as an unexpected gift to our son for his eleventh birthday. God gave Josh something we could not! God cares more than we do. He hears the prayers of a child and He answers in ways we don't expect. Better still, we now get twenty percent off of our veterinary care for Boots!

I explained to my dear son how his dad and I had been praying about getting him a cat for his birthday, but did not know where the money would come from. Joshua immediately knew it was a gift from God. We praised God all the way home and were delighted to discover that Boots' personality is a perfect fit for our family. He is not one of those aloof cats that hides, but is a great balance between playful and cuddly. And, blessing of blessings, he is first and foremost attached to Joshua. God is so good! I praise Him for His faithfulness and the way He perfectly acts in our lives to build our faith and the faith of our children.

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