Monday, January 20, 2014

Swirling Grace

And so, there is all this beautiful grace swirling around me, and Christ alive in me. My head still aches, but what is a headache when you are holding on to the living Word - or rather, He is holding on to you? What are stacking medical bills, no insurance and short paychecks when your Heavenly Father owns it all and all you have to do is rest in Him? His grace proves sufficient in even this...and I bow head and give thanks.

The other day, I met a woman who bitterly shares her story - she is about to be evicted from her home. Her paychecks are short from unpaid holidays and weather days. And me? I totally understand because our life is much the same - yet, so completely different. For me, the bills are a matter of resting, leaning, clinging to the Living God. I breath deep of His grace and ask for faith to believe that He is enough, that I can give to this one without reserve now because I truly can not out give His abundant grace. But for her who does not know the Giver of all good things? For her it is a matter of fear and bitterness. And so I hear the whisper in my heart, "Give generously now, to this woman and her children...tell her that Jesus cares, not just with your words, but by sharing My gifts with her." And so, I open up the wallet and do what He requests. I whisper to her, "This is all that I have, but I will pray for you." She smiles cynical.

My heart, it aches for this woman, because she does not know that she has Someone to turn to, One who will hold her steadfastly, whether the bills get paid or not, who has provided for a far greater need than an earthly home...and if He could provide through Jesus, a way to have a place to belong forever, a way to be made clean and acceptable before a holy God, than surely, He can care for her every need here...she does not have to weather this storm or any storm alone, but Jesus longs to be an anchor for her soul. And so, I share His gifts, His grace with her. HIS GRACE ENABLES me to do this without fear for myself...because by HIS GRACE and HIS CALLING, I know who my Provider is. And so, for this grace, every grace, I bow head and give thanks...because I have so much more than I could ever ask or imagine. And, I bow head for this woman, asking God to break through her bitterness, her cynicism and reach her aching heart, to meet her need and to be her Provision.

And for us today, in the midst of medical bills and migraines, holes in the memory and short pay checks? Just as always, He promises to be enough...and the bills, they may pile, but never higher than His provision...never higher than His grace. And, we don't have a need that He won't meet...and His provision will always and forever be sufficient for us.

As I typed these words, just ready to hit publish, the phone, it rang. A sweet sister, she wanted to bring dinner because she knows my head hurts...and I smile. His grace is always and forever enough. Again, I bow head and give thanks to God for this provision, HIS GRACE, swirling around me, He is the Light on the darkest of days.

And before I post this, I hesitate, not wanting any to think this is a plea for money. I want it to be heard as it is meant, praise and thanksgiving for His amazing grace. So I hit save instead of publish...and save it for two, maybe three days. And what does God do? A man, he corners the husband at church and asks for the medical bills. When the husband comes home, he shares this with me and our thanksgiving mingled with grateful tears rises to the Throne of Grace, to this One who knows our every need and provides, even before we ask. As always, we are overwhelmed by His amazing much more than we deserve!

And as I begin a new day? My mind it wonders and my heart it anticipates what opportunities the Heavenly Father will give me to be His grace to someone today. So, I begin it in prayer, for eyes to see and ears to hear His voice...and a heart that does not live afraid to give lavishly as He has done for me through Christ Jesus...because really, in Him, I have all that I need.

Today, may you find His grace sufficient and His love enough. Whatever storm the wind blows into your life, may He enable you to remember that in Him, you are anchored. Winds can not blow and waves can not toss beyond the realm of His amazing grace.

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