Monday, January 13, 2014

Our Little School at Home

All week, the list of school closings seemed to include every school district within northern Ohio and southern Michigan, but not here. No. Our Little School at Home was open and in progress. Joshua was not too happy about that...after two weeks of the bare minimum of school due to my migraine, followed by two full weeks off for the celebration of the Savior's birth, no one really wants to start back except maybe the littlest among us. That kid loves school...except reading.

Little Hearts for His Glory

This week, we discussed Martin Luther and how he prayed and studied God's Word faithfully, trying to understand how man could be right with God. And, these words "The just shall live by faith" that rocked his world, the entire world, with one humble man's heart seeking God. He shared his memory verse on facebook to his Daddy: Acts 16:31: "They said, 'Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved, you and your household.'" Hearing his little voice quoting Scripture delights this mama's heart. One day, he got to make a box for art to help him remember that "The just shall live by faith..." and that getting to heaven is not something we can ever earn. He was stunned when he realized people believe that there is any other way to heaven than Jesus. Love the way that this sweet little curriculum speaks to my son's heart.

His handwriting is really progressing, and I am so pleased. He actually begs to complete extra pages of A Reason for Handwriting. I am so thankful! We are using The Reading Lesson for reading, and I enjoy how simple it makes reading. Although, I have found that he needs more practice on concepts than are offered, so I am trying to make cards of new word groups as he learns them. That way, we can practice word groups and rules apart from the book. Reading is his least favorite subject!

For my oldest, I used Math U See for years, but with this littlest one, I am using all of Heart of Dakota's recommendations. He LOVES math (Singapore Kindergarten B). He begs to do more daily. This is so refreshing!

Missions to Modern Marvels

The oldest kiddo is doing great. This week he studied George Washington Carver, a man of faith for whom we both have great admiration and respect. He studied World War I and the Roaring Twenties. He wrote his paper on the fashion trends (giggle giggle), complaining the whole time to his mama that it was really a difficult topic to write about. His Bible study on Romans, James and Galatians is going well and he is memorizing much of Romans and James for Bible Quizzing (only God could orchestrate that HOD Bible study is the same as the text chosen for Bible quizzing). Math (we are using Saxon) is SLOWLY progressing. I am more concerned that he has a good grasp on the concept than I am about keeping up with the lessons. We skipped grammar and dictation this week, mainly because I am struggling to accomplish much and trying to catch up with the house work that has suffered. Really, though, his grammar skills have been so strengthened since we switched to Rod & Staff, that I am committed to use this curriculum from the beginning with the little guy! For science, we are not using the recommended HOD resources, although they look really good. Instead, he is completing Apologia Exploring Creation Through Biology. My guy is really enjoying this and is slightly hesitant at dissection, but we are working through it. Overall, a good week!

Ever thankful for the Lord and His provision of a curriculum that draws me and my kids closer to the Him. He is so good and I am so blessed!

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