Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Boys and Snakes

Okay, so I know that God made them...but I still don't like, not boys...they are wonderful, joy-filled blessings! I mean snakes! UGH!! But for some unexplainable reason they intrigue my oldest son. Double, no triple UGH!!

Today the boys and I had a little adventure walking across the river rocks. It is one of Joshua's favorite things to do - thanking and praising God that he is such an easy to please twelve-year-old! Actually, what he really likes to do is hike to the old, broken down dam in the river and climb around on it.

Today, as we were hiking, that little alarm went off in my head: you will encounter slithering, slimy things if you venture to that old dam. So, I told Joshua that we would be skipping the old dam. In his excitement, he ignored me and led us straight to the dam. (How many times have I shrugged off the Holy Spirit's leading in much the same way?) As Joshua climbed boldly around the dam, little three-year-old Jake and I followed him...carefully picking our way across the rocks. Joshua, about four manly steps ahead of us, excitedly shouted, "Mom, a snake!" And sure enough, on the rocks between us was a slithering, wriggling SNAKE!! Apparently, Joshua had stepped over it! WHEW!

That instant, I did what any wise mother would do: I picked up Jake, screamed and high tailed it out of there! Thankfully, that snake, wanting nada to do with us, wriggled and splashed into the water and hid itself in another rock formation. At that point, I told Joshua that IF he wanted to continue, he would do so alone. While Jake and I were headed back to shore, what do you think that sweet boy-man did? Well, exactly what any reasonable boy-man would do: he continued climbing and investigating the rocks. I watched him, gently sighing my warning, "You know, that snake was catching the sun on these rocks. He probably has friends..and you saw how easily he slid between the rocks...ummm, others may be hiding just like he is." Then, I lifted my voice to Heaven and placed this boy-man in his Creator's hands. And, of course, he continued his bold exploration. He was practicing that "Be strong and courageous" verse in the first chapter of the book of Joshua that we had just looked at - ahem! I am not so sure he was applying it correctly! But, I must confess, each step he took after the little snake encounter was more watchful, cautious...studying where he was going.

Anyone smiling with me? I am so thankful for this spirit of adventure that lives in the sons that God has blessed me with...even if it stretches this mama W - A - Y out of her comfort zone!

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