Friday, May 11, 2012

Thankfulness in My Heart

Oh, as silence surrounds me, thankfulness fills my heart! The dizziness and fainting spells that have plagued me vanished for a time. I felt energetic and free...a bird who had just learned to soar. The sun shone brightly and the birds serenaded us as we had a picnic lunch out on the patio. We talked about God's gift of lovely of Him to teach us song through the birds that sing, the wind that blows,the leaves that rustle. Yes! Everything gives Him praise.

Jacob and I worked played outside...pulling weeds, planting flowers, slipping down the slide, digging stones, . Every stone the little guy found was a new treasure, met with squeals of delight, priceless to his little hands! When he ran out of new, he buried what he had already discovered and searched for it again. Then he would squeal anew and say, "Mama, mama! Look what I found!" Who could withhold a smile? Not I.

Joshua is so motivated to finish school that he completed two days today. It might have something to do with not having television until school is finished for the year...not sure! Chuckle, chuckle. He then joined us outside, to read and talk. Calling little stones treasures or pulling weeds play has long since become silly to him. As a twelve year old, he is happy to announce that pulling weeds is dirty work and little stones are without value!

And for so many things I give thanks:
*birds singing
*puffed up robin - does she have a nest nearby?
*little mister celebrating his treasure
*dirty little hands washed clean
*Joshua diligently completing school
*Joshua taking the initiative to mow the lawn
*sunshine with a cool breeze
*dizziness has passed - almost a complete week with out blacking out!
*wisdom from God to mother these two boys another day
*the joy of reading aloud to my sons
*eyes to see the page
*ears to hear His voice
*when no one sees or hears me...He does
*His mercies are new to me every morning
*the compassion of my groom
*the new ladies that have joined our Bible study group

For these I give Thee thanks, Lord. Praise to You who allowed me such beauty today!

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