Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Mama's Joy

Tears of joy slid down my cheeks as I watched my oldest son in the play Bullfrogs and Butterflies. By God's grace and according to His goodness, He has chosen to overcome that one obstacle in Joshua's life that we never thought we would see victory over this side of Heaven. How can my heart do anything but rejoice in God's goodness, mercy and love? The Lord has been good to us beyond anything we could hope or imagine.

There are many things in life that define us, but I never wanted my son's illness to define him. I pray and weep at the feet of Jesus for this incredible boy He has graciously allowed me to mother. I ask that above all the things this boy learns, he would know and understand the incredible love that God has for him...that he would be defined by who God says he is and not by his diagnosis, not by what his doctors say, not by what his peers say. When I saw him on that stage, unafraid, bold and animated, dancing and singing...I knew...I knew that Truth had been planted, was rooted and growing. I was so overcome with emotion. How does one woman have so much grace and mercy poured out on her? How is it that one undeserving mama gets to see her child growing into a godly man? And, so, I continue my practice...

I give thanks!

*for healing in brokenness.
*for a boy-man who is beginning to see the love of the Father and what it means.
*for the boy-child, enthusiastically racing his car down the track
*for the husband who calls me his beloved
*for the doctor's accurate diagnosis for me...this is where my healing can begin.
*for the God who gives me the eyes to see His majesty
*for the God who is Majesty and Grace
*for the friends who remind me that He has given me enough - not what others have or lack, but what I need...what is right for me
*for the pink blossoms on the crab apple tree, almost open today
*for the one white tulip the squirrels did not steal
*for the mourning doves making a nest nearby, frequenting the bird feeder
*for the gift of words, spoken and heard, written and read
*for the arms of a husband that embraced me awake this morning
*for the boy-man who came, as he does every morning, to be hugged
*for the joy of the boy-man when he received his new watch - a gift to celebrate his success in the play
*grass turning green
*purple mountain lilies blooming in the garden
*spring: God breathing His life into the earth, into me...refreshing me, calling me, never leaving me alone, but pursuing me with His relentless love
*wisdom whispered from the Word ( much wisdom)
*for the littlest one who hugs freely, forgives easily and loves uncontrollably

For all these things I give thanks to the Father, Maker of Heaven and Earth, Author of my life and the One who dared to call me Beloved.

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