Saturday, April 14, 2012

Giving Thanks!

So many gifts, so little time:
*the white lasagne baking in the oven, aroma filling the house
*the money to buy the food necessary for tomorrow's shower
*Joshua helping Papa
*wisdom of a sister who helped me figure out how to preserve the lasagne for another day
*the love of a husband who hugged me through my brokenness, through the self-loathing
*the thoughtfulness of this incredible man who put my favorite Mary Mary praise cd on repeat, so the words of grace and thankfulness would be playing over and over in my head...erasing the thoughts of ingratitude and self-hatred
*the accepting arms of love of my little mister
*God's forgiveness
*Difficult situation making me more aware than ever of my desperate need for God - the difficulties had me on my face before a holy God, crying out to Him, only He could do this thing!

In the hurt and in the pain,
I acknowledge You again!
You are the anchor of my soul,
the Light in my darkest night.
Thank You Lord!

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