Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mama's Superpowers

With or without a cape
the superhero role she chose
was motherhood.

To the son moaning scraped knee and loose tooth,
Superpower healing is in mama's kiss.

To the daughter weeping first lost love,
Superpower comfort is in mama's hug.

To the boy whose bullied and beaten at school,
Superpower protection is in mama's arms.

To the girl rejected and made fun of by friends,
Superpower encouragement is in mama's embrace.

To all of her children longing to be cherished and adored,
Superpower acceptance is in mama's love.

To the little ones seeking to know so much more,
Superpower wisdom mama gets from above.

For all of the cape's she's worn through the years,
her most super powers came (and were needed)
when she chose motherhood.

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