Friday, January 6, 2012

Finding Grace

A tear sliding down my cheek, joy filling my heart, is God's grace and mercy to Cystic Fibrosis...severe allergies, yes, but

My wee one, "Mama, it okay, God gave you Jacob." How do you explain tears of joy to a three year old?

My heart cries, "Thank You God for Jacob...for the miracle of him, the gift of him, the surprise of him!" I am consumed with gratitude....

I whisper my thanks...I remind God that I don't deserve such grace...such mercy...such joy. He reminds me of His incredible love...the love that consumes me...the love that has held me through trials and joys...and that He acts, always acts, according to His mercy, His grace, His goodness. I have found perfect love, perfect grace, perfect God my Savior...and He does not fail...even when it hurts.

For now, for this moment, I know and understand His perfect love, His mercy, His grace. I soak it in...I soak Him in and I enjoy sweet communion with Him.

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