Wednesday, January 25, 2012

An Extra Chair at the Table

This week has been so blessed. We pulled up another chair at our table, as we were joined by my nephew for the week. He is staying with us while his mama is in Haiti. She is livin' on the edge for Jesus...sharing her faith in Christ and He is winning souls. I get to be a part...a small part...of what God is doing through her, by giving her son a place to is so small, and yet I am blessed!!

Homeschooling is a little more interesting...with an extra chair at the table...and all of us sick. His grace carries us...His strength fills us...His light shines in us. We have LAUGHED...oh, how we have laughed. At the store, the twelve year old walked away from us, not even knowing we weren't there. We were behind him, nephew and I, zipping coats, calling to him. He walked on. I can't guess how far he was before he realized that we were not there. Him, walking, talking, waving his arms. Us, watching, calling out to him, asking, "When do you think he will notice?" It wasn't until he asked a question no one answered that he realized he was alone. A leader with no followers. He ran back, laughing, embarrassed. We all joined his giggling...and each of us told our own stories. "Well, one time I ..." Almost couldn't drive home for the tears of laughter streaming.

Nerf fights, building Lego cars, studying, laughing, movies, nothing exciting, just enjoying...enjoying nephew...thankful for the time we have with him! How blessed we are to have a home for him to come visit!! How blessed we are to have time with him!!

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