Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Least of These

My heart is broken today...not for myself...not for my children...but for all of the children who will never have a home...never know the love of a family...never have a mother to come home to...never know the love and acceptance of a father...never have anyone to celebrate every success with them, comfort them during every trial, stand beside them when it seems like the world is against place to go home to for the holidays...they stand ALONE in a world that tells them they are worthless, unloveable, unacceptable....

My heart cries for them. Who will be the voice of the orphan? Who will rise up and fight for these little ones that are unloved, but not unloveable? Who will give these precious ones a place to call home? Who will give them a place to belong, a family to call their own? Who will assure them that they are worth more than diamonds or fact, they are worth so much that God sent Jesus for them? Who will tell them that? Who will show them their great worth, accept them, love them, embrace them?? Who will be the arms and feet of Jesus? Who will lay aside their own wants and needs, move outside their comfort zone and go...go to the orphan, bring him into a family and give him a place to belong?

Will you? Will I?

Yes, the least of these...the orphan. He is not forgotten by the One who sees everything. Her tears don't fall unseen by a Mighty God. His creis don't go unheard by a Faithful Father.

Who will God prompt to action today...and will that family answer the call? I pray so...I pray so.

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