Friday, March 11, 2011

What a yucky past couple of weeks we have had. Jacob has been sick...better...sick...better...sick. He has been to the doctor twice, on antibiotics for sinus infection type stuff, thrown up, been feverish, gotten better, only to start the whole cycle over again (minus the antibiotics). Last night was a sleepless night. He had a fever over 104 and was babbling about "papa" (grandpa). It was so cute, although it did concern me that he was so incoherent. But, today he is so much better. I just praise God for bringing him through those high temperatures.

Yesterday I took Jake to the doctor because of his high fever and other symptoms. She assured me it was just a cold-type virus. So, then while I was putting the little guy into his car seat, he became a human fountain...nothing as disgusting as throw up in the car, then having to drive home in such a confined space with the smell. Poor guy, after that, his nose began flowing like a river...S.N.O.T. everywhere...I mean eeewwww. I know, too much information!

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