Thursday, April 7, 2011

Homeschooling Blues

I am having the homeschooling blues....gray skies....not a tulip up in my garden yet (beginning to wonder if the squirrels ate all the bulbs again)...spring cleaning in full swing (is all this washing of walls and windows really necessary?)...and I just want to stop school here for the year (does it really matter if he misses 10 weeks of his sixth grade year?)...pick back up in the fall. I know, I know, what kind of mama am I? Well, a tired one, for sure. And, don't worry...we won't quit here. We will press on..until we have completely finished this year's curriculum. Our family, especially, Jake, has been battling illness since Christmas...and it is almost Easter. Really?? So, I am tired. Jake is sick again. Josh is obviously not feeling well - either that or he caught a bad case of a lousy attitude from his mama....not at all like him. Enough already! I am praising and thanking God that He has blessed me with these two dear children. He has entrusted them to me and is giving me all that I need to train them in His ways. I pray that He will renew my heart and give me a right attitude. May the Lord renew my strength and cause me to rise up above my current circumstances like an eagle.

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