Sunday, February 3, 2013

Surprised by God

About a week ago, Joshua and I began praying about this ministry thing he has been doing. He travels to various outreaches and activities to do balloon twisting. He loves it and I am so thankful that God has given him the ability to engage the kids. But here is the thing, Joshua is not satisfied with just doing it once in a while. He really wants to see how God can use this thing in a bigger way. So, we began to pray and brainstorm.

It was fun listing different hospitals, nursing homes and places he may be able to visit to bless people with a simple balloon animal. The continued prayer and then, the questions, "Mom, have you called --- yet? Have you...?"

He is just so excited, but I refrained from asking for prayer from anyone because I...well, I just wanted to wait and see what the Lord was going to do! And, I am still waiting on some things, but an interesting thing happened that I am ecstatic to share.

Thursday evening Todd came in with the mail. Surprisingly, he handed each of the boys an envelope. For one boy to receive mail is unusual. For both boys to receive mail is almost unheard of, unless it is from one of the Grandma's - which it was not. Jacob got a letter from a homeschool friend - so thoughtful of God to give him something so he would not feel left out. But Joshua, Joshua opened his envelope and inside found just a short note that read:

"Joshua, God told me to send you this money for your balloon twisting ministry. I am sure that He is going to do big things through it."

We both were dumbfounded. This letter came out of the blue - straight from the heart of God! Joshua accusingly looked at me, "Mom, you told her, didn't you?"

"No way, Joshua. I have not even talked to her or anyone else."

We were both AMAZED! Neither of us had thought about where the money was going to come from for him to continue his ministry. It never crossed my mind that he would need to buy more balloons (I am sure it would have when it was time to buy more balloons!)...but God had already made a way. This was truly an "aha" moment for Joshua. He was so excited to give God glory and honor and praise. He was so thrilled to see how God works out details in our lives. And me? I am just a mama humbled to belong to God, humbled to be part of this story God is revealing to us, in us and through us.

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