Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our Little School at Home

Rev to Rev
Okay, I am sitting here thinking, "What unit did we even complete this week?" I don't know! Seriously! Most of our week was marked by sickness, but we were still able to complete the unit - but most of it is a blur.

Joshua (and I) enjoyed an activity in Morse code that he did for the history project this unit. As part of the Inventor study, he is reading about Henry Ford and has asked to visit a not-so-local car museum. He also drew a log cabin using Draw & Write Through History. His drawing has made so much progress since he began HOD four years ago. YIPPEE!!

After completing Only the Names Remain for Storytime, Joshua and I had quite a discussion about the Cherokee Indians before beginning the new book. Excellent book! There were so many elements to the history of the Cherokee that I never read in any history book growing up. I must be tired, because although we both love the new storytime book, I can not remember what it is for the life of me!

We continued watching The American Testimony dvds. Joshua really likes them. He and I watch together and discuss it or he narrates. Great resource!

Little Hearts for His Glory

Jacob continues to be thrilled with his school work. He is progressing with reading, slow but steady. He is on the young side, so I refuse to push him too hard.

School is so much fun! This week we studied Moses. He loved the rhyme and acting it out as he rocked like the boat, tiptoed, etc. And, then we hid baby Moses in a basket. Whew, he wanted to play that game everyday!

As always, he learned his memory verse so quickly. Oh, to be young again! Playing games with balls and a light scarf makes him a little wild. Yet, in the end, he knows the verse and I haven't had to struggle to get him to learn it. :)

For art, Jacob made an Egyptian collar. He was so excited to wear it for Daddy when he got home. :) Everything in HOD makes school so much fun!!

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  1. Moses was one of my girls' favorites too :) Hope you feel better soon! (We're sick around here too!)