Tuesday, December 4, 2012

God's Gifts

God's gifts are always above and beyond anything that I could think or even imagine. As I prepare for my day today, I just want to proclaim His goodness and mercy.

My family, we are struggling. Is it any wonder that financially, we are a mess? Todd has been out of full-time work for more than three years - that's when his company "down-sized." He has tried and been denied full-time employment more times than we can even count. He works two part-time jobs and I work part-time just to keep this boat afloat. Top it off with my medical issues, no insurance and bills that just won't stop coming. Yep, God moves mightily in our lives frequently...He has to, or we would be living in the car. So, for each and every provision I give Him thanks! Each meal is a gift. How kind, how thoughtful, how good of God. Electricity, running water, gas heat? All His generous gifts. We can't afford to think we had anything to do with them. Christmas gifts to open? Oh, how the hand of God moved someone to buy things for our boys...why? Because God's love is extravagant.

Don't believe me? Haven't seen it lately in your own life? Look at the cross. Without all the fluff of life God has so graciously provided, it is there...right there, when God sent His Son to die on the cross for the forgiveness of my sin. What kind of extravagant love is that?? Send the Perfect to die in the place of this sinner. Allow the Blameless, Unblemished to bear the scars of my shame. Oh, that there, in that moment, on that cross, all the love God has for man is revealed. And so, I give thanks. What He did on the cross is enough, but God is the Giver..and so He gives MORE! Truly amazing!

This morning, I am so overwhelmed by His goodness and humbled by His rememberance as I prepare for Jacob's school day. Someone, who knows me only through a homeschool board gifted us with Jacob's curriculum. How do you give thanks for that? How do you tell the woman who sent it or the God who prompted her "Thank you for being thoughtful beyond anything I could ask or imagine"? How? Words are inadequate and hearts are full to bursting.

We started Little Hearts for His Glory immediately (my littlest one was so excited to have his own school)...and we just keep giving thanks to God for providing this sweet little curriculum for our family. And thanks to the woman who read into my post and saw the need beneath it all! May God grant you and your family a day filled with His joy and a real sense of His presence. May He bless, strengthen and encourage you as you lead your little ones to the Giver of Life! May your eyes continue to be opened to His amazing gifts!

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