Friday, February 5, 2016


It's morning again and I climb out of bed,
Every heart beat a drum beat loud in my head.
The ache is the same,
The patience wear thin,
I'm tempted to skip this day again.
Think, think to crawl back into bed.
Take a pill and ease this pain in my head.

But then His voice speaks,
"Steady, steady your thoughts,
Keep them right here with me.
I am all that you need
to get through this. Just seek."

So slowly, I dress, brush my teeth and my hair.
Crying and praying, into the mirror I stare.
"Thank You, oh Father, for walking with me
through valley and trial and toil and snare.
Thank You that whether facing mountain, lion or bear,
Your hand holds my hand and You lead with great care."

"The head may ache and the sun may not shine,
but my Beloved Jesus forever and ever is mine.
Thank You, dear Father, for gifts that you give.
The gift of Your peace and Your presence are here,
Thank You that in love You remove all my fear."

And the pain does not leave,
But neither does He.
I am held in His arms for eternity.

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