Friday, December 6, 2013

The Sweetest Thing

And so I go to the Christmas Tea. And one of my friends has a tale to tell...about my little guy. My stomach, it knots tight. What has my littlest one done this time? Did he hit a classmate? Did he forget to share? Was he running out of control? Oh, in that one moment of her silence, my mama's head swims with the possibilities of what this littlest has done to stir up trouble...because, you know, he is five...and no matter how sweet he is (and he is so sweet)...he was born under Adam's curse, just like me...a sinner, saved only by God's desperately in need of the grace and mercy God provides in Christ.

And she chuckles as she speaks, "Oh, the whole class was loud and wild. So the teacher tells them to put their heads down, she shuts off the lights and says, 'Now, let's think about what Jesus would do.' After a few minutes of quiet, she turns the lights back on, ready to begin class, when little Jacob, in that sweet little voice says, 'I think Jesus would forgive us.'" And this friend of mine, she laughs a sweet twinkling laugh, and says, "Isn't that the sweetest thing you ever heard?"

And it is...isn't it? To the sinner weighed down by the consequences of his choices, to the sweet sister in Christ who spoke impatiently, to the child who has disobeyed, disrupted class...HOPE. Jesus would does forgive. And she is right...Jesus forgives us...isn't that the sweetest thing you have ever heard? Jesus forgives...the sweetest thing I have ever heard, good news for this faltering heart!

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