Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rushing to get ready for church one Sunday, the phone rings. I answer, hesitantly...a Sunday morning call...early... "Pray for a miracle," her voice shaky and broken. Her son won't wake bad is it?? The doctors, they don't have all the answers...

And I realize it, just as I kneel to pray...isn't that what we all need? Feet slipping on the slopes of Heaven..don't we need just that...just a miracle. Not any miracle, but the miracle of His grace, that all sustaining grace we sing so freely about every time we mouth the words, "Amazing Grace how sweet the sound..." Isn't it just the miracle that we desperately need every single moment of every single day just to survive? Right in the middle of another pile of dirty laundry, dishes stacked a mile high, the child's illness or husband's job loss, the doctor's diagnosis of cancer, financial devastation, the wayward child, the wife's bout with depression, the broken womb...whatever the circumstance....we need that miracle...the miracle called GRACE. And isn't that what we are asking for when we come to Him in prayer? Please, Lord...another miracle, another grace...another gift."

And so, yes, I did...I dropped down on my knees and I prayed for a miracle for her son...His answer came...quickly. Within two hours, he was awake...crying..broken and beaten body, but alive.

And me, today? I pray for a miracle of be a gift to her as she seeks understanding...the miracle of His hope shining in the darkness of depression. Today, I pray that God will allow me to be His grace to her and her family...that He will use me to draw the bruised and broken to Him, that He will make me the miracle. Could I, today, maybe, just maybe, be the miracle instead of asking for one? Only by His grace will I know such a miracle.

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